Day 73: Accepting Yourself as You Are Today

I am what I am, and what I am is wonderful. Today’s post is all about self-love and self acceptance. Loving and accepting who we are at this very moment, not that version of ourself that we strive to be – 25 lbs lighter, more put together, funnier, more organized. It’s about discovering and honoring the innate radiance in ourselves.

This is definitely something that I struggle with. I defininitely try to find my beauty, no matter what I weigh or how I look. I think that since I’ve shifted my focus from a number on the scale and instead changed it to how I want my body to perform and how I want to feel – allowing myself to take pleasure and pride in how I feel and what I an accomplish that I’ve been able to achieve what SBB is advocating.

In the last two years, but especially the last year, I have pushed my body to its absolute limits. I joined a gym where I was lifting weights like a badass and I even pulled a freaking car on a harness. I also managed to run sub-10 minute miles on 6 mile training runs in hot conditions where I was hoofing down Parmenter Street. This is a feat for me, because my normal running zone is in the 12 minute per mile range.

Maybe the ticket is shifting the focus from how beautiful I perceive myself on a given day – and it varies – and instead focus it on how I feel and how I am able to push myself and how that in turn makes me feel. Hmmm….shifting the power?


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