Day 76: What Do You Like About Yourself?

Oh man, SBB, this is the task that could be Pandora’s box. 10 things that I love about my face and body…and 10 aspects about my personality that I like. Wow. This is a lot for a Friday (one day late), but I think that I’m up to the task. I know that I wouldn’t have been two years ago. But today, game on!

10 things I absolutely love about my face and body.

  1. My hair when it is semi-long and blow dried straight. It makes me feel beautiful.
  2. My eyes.
  3. My calves. Omg – they have gotten so much more defined and strong becuase of running!
  4. My ass. Again, becoming stronger due to running. The last time I lost weight, I totally lost my butt, but because of running and strength training, it is becoming smaller but more muscular 🙂
  5. My small fingernails. Less area to paint with polish
  6. My nose. Not too big, not too small. Just right.
  7. My thighs. Again – definition from running. They carry me. And make me feel strong and powerful.
  8. My upper arms. I’m just starting to get definition. Maybe someday they will be cool enough to slightly resemble Michelle Obama’s
  9. My mind. Oh yes, SBB, that is part of this. 
  10. My ankles. Unlike my mom and aunt, I have ankles. Something that I’ve been reminded of since I was very young. They have always been small, and they have become much more defined with running.

10 aspects about your personality that you like.

  1. My curiosity. When I’m interested – I dig in and try to learn all that I can. Scientology and cults in general, Circuses, Running, Self-Improvement.
  2. My bravery. I’m not afraid to go after what I believe in or stand up for what I believe in.
  3. My courage. See above.
  4. Humor – the ability to make a joke and to have a good, crying belly laugh at one.
  5. Drive to cook – I love cooking. I love making food for those I love.
  6. Self-discipline. I may not be perfect and I may not 100% achieve my workout every day, but I’ve made working out and training for a marathon a priority. And I will NOT give up.
  7. Love. Love above all else.
  8. Compassion. I am compassionate, probably to a fault. I feel big and I’m acutely aware of the vibes and feelings of others. Sometimes I just have to tune it out and I can appear to be cold.
  9. Laughter. I love to laugh and be happy. Who doesn’t.
  10. Work ethic. See self discipline 🙂

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