Day 77: Accentuating the Positive

Do you accentuate your assets? Well, SBB, probably not enough. It depends on the day, on my mood, and how much time I have to pull myself together. I’m not really one for makeup. I can probably dabble a little bit more in mascara and even some eyeshadow, and maybe something for my lips. I’m just not a fan of the made up look. And my husband is not a huge fan of makeup. Which works for me.

There are conditions in which I feel the best about myself – and feel more truly beautiful. Maybe it’s in my head..or maybe not. I think I best flaunt my assets when my hair is long – a little bit below my shoulders – and I get regular trims. All that I need to do to it is blow dry it and have in smoothing, protecting cream. Long, straight hair – asset. Check. Glasses vs. contacts. Contacts every time. My face…without distractions from glasses, is definitely an asset.

My body is definitely curvy. I will never, ever, be stick straight. When I’m thinner, I definitely have curves in the right places, And I’m more apt to wear clothing that accentuates them. Like most other women, I feel more comfortable with my body (especially with where I started from) when I have less pounds on my frame. It’s only in the last week where I’ve been able to really notice the changes and feel skinny. It’s probably no surprise that I just bought a couple of dresses that I was amazed that I fit into and that accentuated my assets.

SBB – I think I beat you to this one. Last weekend I had an excursion, I tried on dresses – ones that I definitely don’t usually wear – and when I found the one that best accentuated my assets and discovered it was only $15, I purchased that dress. If only to wear at home while looking in the mirror, it makes me feel sexy. And $15 is a bargain to replicate that feeling at home.


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