Day 78: Awakening Sleeping Beauty

It’s funny sometimes to look at the different phases or chapters of our lives. Even though we are on a winding journey, there are definite phases with defined starts and stops. When you travel thorugh those growing times – you have to hope that when you look back, you didn’t screw things up too much or regret what ultimately became the decisions that helped chart your course.

My 20’s – I would not re-live them. Except for maybe the last 5 months of 29. Those were some good months. I allowed myself to be in a relationship that I should have never been in – and that’s ok. I made it out in one piece and more importantly, it put me in the exact right place to meet my husband and it allowed me to be where I am today. That makes it worth it.

It’s funny – life I’m leading today and the man that I married were these distant dreams an illusion of perfection that felt very unattainable or not possible when I was in my previous relationship. Fast forward a number of years – I’m here. It happened. I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m thriving. And more importantly, I’m in loved and loved in return.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I slowly came out of this deep slumber – this autopilot mode that led me down the wrong path. I’ve moved thorugh the haze of not being in the right place, the right relationship, in the right circumstances and I’ve slowly worked over time to become the person that I am meant to be and live the way that feels authentic, happy, and right for me. 


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