Day 79: Repose of the Soul

SBB – you totally connected something that I have been trying so hard to achieve and sustain to one of your posts…and one of your spiritual posts to boot.

If I had to pick one area where I would like to most improve, it is being present. And that, my friend, is at the heart of your prompt for today. Since mid-January I have been trying my hardest to be present. At work, but especially at home. I don’t want to look back at my time with my loved ones and not remember it…not remember it because I had my head stuck in front of my cell phone looking at Facebook or researching random things.  I want to remember the mundane details of joking around with my husband, making dinner together, watching random YouTube videos together – just spending time together and giving each other our undivided attention.

Because I know these days – of this time like this – are numbered. No, I’m not knocked up. At least not yet. But I want to be. 

I’ve been saying for the last year or so, that we need to focus on our hobbies, to best utilize our time now while we have it, well this needs to extend from our solo hobbies to our time together. Because sometime in the future…there will be one or two more of us. And there won’t always be the time for just the two of us. We will have to make that time…and I know we will. But I don’t want to waste what I don’t want to regret choosing something stupid like social media over spending time with my loved ones. Again, being present. 

Time is precious. Time is limited. Time is beautiful. And time is something to be actively lived…in real time…in the here and now. Not through a tiny screen.


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