Day 80: Inner Beauty, Outward Charm

Well, I guess I’m consistently inconsistent.  Which I will strive to change. My goal is to have this project taken care of each morning before the sun comes up 🙂 And then before I finish my first cup of coffee – whenever that is – on the weekends.

We can each look our best, when we’ve embraced and found our authentic look…inner work leads to a blossom in our outer selves…subtle changes in working on ourselves, prioritizing ourselves changes how we feel about ourselves and in turn creates subtle changes in how we feel and look.

Ah, SBB, this is one of those posts that seems like common sense…until you’re in the thick of something. And you start to slide and start to prioritize other things. And then you find yourself really effing tired, eating the wrong things, wanting to nap all of the time, and seeing everything through a hazy listfulness. And no one wants to be there…but somehow you find yourself there.

It’s so effing hard to make those small steps, to prioritize just getting up and walking, on trading fruit for sweet treats, on having veggies and dip instead of chips and dip. But once you start making those steps, on building day after day, choice after choice, you somehow gain momentum. It isn’t as hard anymore, in fact, it’s kind of nice. This healthy thing. It’s pretty great. And walking is fun, but I don’t have enough time to just walk..I need to run. And then you find yourself training for a marathon, losing ~65 lbs, regaining a glow that has been gone since your early 20’s, and a desire to choose the here and now – to be present, to participate, to try new things. To not be afraid, to not be intimidated. Because you’ve got this. You so have this and you will grow and prosper.

It’s each intentional step, each intentional choice, when you choose yourself over others, you invest in yourself so you will be able to be a better version of yourself and be better able to help others. It’s those times, those choices that make the difference and lead the transition to looking our best because we feel our best. It’s embracing your naturalness, your flaws, being you…and not caking up your face with makeup…becuase you have nothing to hide, you are not ashamed of who you see, because you are enough and because you feel that, the rest of the world will know and see that too.


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