Day 82: Why Self-Confidence Can’t be Bought but Can Be Borrowed

Man. This morning has been a little bit of a roller coaster. I’m trying to catch up on posts. I did Day 83 before this one. And I’m definitely in a better mental space now.

This was a loooooong week. A tough week. A hard week at work, but a good one. Lots of urgent work at a fast speed. But I got it all done, managed to get through it, and I’m pretty much 100% on the other side. It’s hard, especially during these types of weeks, because I’m usually crabby, tired, worn out around my husband. It’s great because we have a safe, comfortable space. But it is hard because he sometimes thinks I’m unhappy when I’m just worn out or have worked a hard week. Note to self – get better at communicating with him about tough weeks. Tough does not = unhappy. Tough just is tough.

In some ways, this connects with the Day 82 post. Ok, so maybe not. But it was good to get that out.

So self-confidence. yep, it comes from within.  I like the whole fake it until you make it sentiment. I was in an all day training yesterday, and our keynote speaker brought up a classic Stephen Covey story – the one about love. About love as a verb. Sometimes in order to find love you need to Love (as a verb). We have to work at loving – it isn’t easy, it doesn’t grow or sustain itself. We have to actively love in order to have the feeling love.

I think this is the same case with self-confidence. Sometimes we feel very self-confident – we look right, have a great idea, home is great – everything falls into place. But on those days were we don’t naturally have the self-conficence – where we feel a little off, we have to actively seek to build and find it. This is when we need to channel our inner wise self – see this self-confident, beautiful woman. Know it is in us already – and actively transform and borrow that self confidence within her – within us. We know it is there – sometimes we have to soothe our raw edges, put on our power outfit, elevate things just a bit so we are able to fully look the part and jump into the day or jump into the situation. We have to suit up, get off the bench, and just jump in. Usually by the time we get on the other side, we have fully embraced and exude the self-confidence that we put on and knew was just beyond the surface.


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