Day 83: Always Be a First-Rate Version of Yourself

Our best is always good enough. Thank you, SBB. 

This is a good reminder to discover and acknowledge who we are – at our essential core, our inner wise self – and to give ourselves the space to be exactly that person.

I know that I’m never going to be the super popular, outgoing life of the party. I just don’t have it in me. But that’s ok. In fact, I really don’t like going to the party at all. I’d rather be in a smaller group, preferably at home or in a place that isn’t too crowded or noisy. And if I’m going to go to the party – the crowded, noisy place – it’s important for me to be well rested – both physically and mentally – and that I’ve had an opportunity to mentally prepare for going into that space.

I know…I sound like an absolute blast.

I think at the heart of honoring that first-rate version of yourself is truly understanding who you are – your personality, your preferences, your priorities, your values – and striving to honor those. It’s ok to do things that aren’t your ideal of a good time. But if you understand your sticking points, your wars, you can try to manage them and give yourself the best time/opportunity to enjoy something that makes you uncomfortable or is not your preference.

Today, it is a little hard for me to totally feel like I am enough….I’m not feeling the best due to my allergies and my not feeling 100% has leeched into some other areas of my life. On a morning where I feel like I’m starting from behind and already in a hole…this is important to remember. My best is enough and I am enough. I can’t fix what happened last night, but I can do my darndest to try to make today better. And if I do my best – and strive to be that first-rate version of myself…it is enough. 


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