Day 85: Real Change: Clothes that Fit Your Lifestyle

I’m going to guess that I slightly buck the trend on this one, because the clothes that I’m wearing today are ones that I’ve only been wearing for the past couple of months.

I’ve previously brought up my slow and steady weight loss from the past couple of years. Over the past decade, I went from the least that I’ve ever weighed to the most. If I’m being real and honest, that was tied to being in the wrong relationship, the wrong place, living a life or living the story that was not my authentic truth. I was too afraid (or not mentally able or ready) to confront my unhappiness, my sense that all was not well or right…and instead of facing this truth, I let myself slide into inactivity, a fog of anxiety, and let the pounds pack on. Ugh. At least I’m looking at this from the other side now. I let those pounds pack on over time…and now I’m getting rid of them over time.

When I was skinny – I bought a lot of nice clothes – things that I really loved. My mom also bought me a lot of clothes, specifically work ones. I didn’t necessarily love all of them, but she kept me set for being a professional. Thank you, mom!  When I gained weight, I didn’t want to donate the clothes that did not fit, because I knew that I would get back in them one day. I think we all have that hope…well, I’m well on my way to making it a reality.  I don’t know if it is entirely realistic to think that I will make it back to the size 6 items..but who knows?

I am having a blast getting to wear items that have not been accessible for so long, as well as getting to go “shopping” in the closet of clothes that do not fit. This closet actually exists at my parents house. My mom and I have both fluctuated in weight and we ended up putting all of our clothing that does not fit in a pretty large closet in the guest room at her house. Our bodies are not the same – so we can’t wear everything that the other brings to the closet, but it is nice to be able to share with each other. My mom has an incredible eye for nice, visually interesting cardigans – the things that look perfect at work. I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to wear so many of them as of late. I mostly bring her pants and jeans – things that are more modern and fashionable and that make her look and feel good.

It’s funny – the clothing that I wear – literally coming from both me and my mother – definitely reflect who I am. It’s nice and comforting to think of her when I wear items that were hers. It is also very gratifying to be able to wear other items that I bought a decade ago – knowing that they did not go to waste. Some items are well loved and well worn, but not done yet. It’s nice to wear these favorites and know that I’m not having to spend an arm and a leg on new clothes. It has even been so long that a number of the more “point-in-time” buys have actually come back into style. Bonus!


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