Day 86: The Unspoken Language of Authenticity 

I might be a little curmudgeonly today. But that’s ok. I probably havne’t had enough coffee.

I have to say, SBB, I’m getting a little bored with all of these posts about our wardrobe and our personal fashion. However, if your book was originally written during the height of the dreaded mom jeans, then I totally understand that you had a large uphill battle with this one.

While I think that you have a very valid point with “the vocabulary of our wardrobe conveys much more than we ever dreamed possible,” I don’t think it is all up to our wardrobe to communicate these key pieces of information about ourselves, even if you are just looking at a picture. I think the overall attitude that we exude, our body language, the way we carry ourselves, the look on our face – these things all contribute to that picture and possibly more so.

Someone may be dressed in a very sexy outfit and be in public – but if this is an outfit that they are uncomfortable in, that someone pressured them into wearing and they don’t feel sexy but rather uncomfortable, then I think you will be able to get a better sense of them when you take the entire picture into account, not just the piece of clothing that they are wearing.

Ok. I’m off my soapbox on that one. I think this is a good sentiment, though. We don’t want to be known as the one caught in mom jeans. We want to be the one that is either dressed for the occasion and looking comfortable, or better yet – dressing to reflect who we truly are. Maybe there is a fancy scarf that is our signature – I’m sure the scarf will be there. Or we embrace and exude whimsy – then I hope the outfit is whimsical and we carry that well.

I’m more of a business casual gal myself that embraces the preppy/nautical look. For better or worse, a majority of my wardrobe revolves around items that I can wear to work. I need to probably branch out more to incorporate more casual items. I’m sure that will happen over time. And I’ll get there. But when you get down to it – is my authentic self truly that casual…or does she like feeling put together, having a slightly elevated look? Does she want to dress for the occasion – and have a sort of versatile wardrobe that allows for dressing for the occasion?

Hmm.. that’s a lot to ponder.


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