Day 87: Glimmers from the Golden Mirror

Ah..Simplicity as the authentic style.

Simplicity as a style can be applied very narrowly and very broadly. I think that it would be pretty accurate to say that I’m pretty darn simplistic with my style. I am slightly challenged in the hair styling department, so I prefer to either be able to air dry my hair and put it up, or blow dry it straight in under 5 minutes and get out the door.

I want to be able to quickly pick out my work outfit and get dressed. Dress and tights; pants, tank top and cardigan or blazer. Check. I keep my shoes at work so I can pick what I wear based on my outfit and my mood. I don’t know at 6 am when I’m getting dressed in the dark if it is heels day or not, so it’s nice to be able to choose when I get to work.

I’m also not a huge jewelery person. The only ring that I’ve ever consistently worn is my wedding ring..and that I only really wear to work or out when we are socializing on the weekends. I usually don’t feel completely put together until I have earrings on, usually my silver dangly ones. But that’s pretty much it. I was able to add a beautiful necklace to my collection this year. I won the pendant through a Facebook giveaway from Middleton Jewelers. They are my favorite store and the one that has worked on my wedding ring.

I used to feel bad for not being a fashionista, but I quickly outgrew that feeling. That isn’t fun to me – it feels like a lot of work. I’d rather read, write, or cook. And that’s ok. I’m sure that some of the fashionistas would rather shop, sew, put things together versus cooking or reading or writing. And that’s ok. I’m comfortable in my skin…and my business casual style. I am who I am and I own that 100%.


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