Day 88: Clearing: Parting with Fashion Mistakes

I’ve done a pretty good job of censoring my wardrobe and purchasing decisions to only buy things that I love, that flatter my figure, and fit in which my sense of style. The only “non-practical” purchase that I’ve made recently is a sexy little black dress that was $16. I figure that since it was a tiny size that I finally fit into and it looks sexy on me that I was ok to pay $16, even if I don’t have a place to wear it. It definitely isn’t work appropriate.

As I’ve re-introduced my old clothing that now fits me again, it has been fun to find some pieces that I haven’t work in a long time, especially the ones that weren’t my go-tos or favorites. A few of them, like a black Chaps dress, are 100% my style now, but there are still a couple that don’t quite fit right and aren’t quite the style that I”m going for. Since there aren’t that many, and since I don’t have a huge amount of clothing, I’m keeping them around for now. Plus, they remind me of college – those carefree days. And also remind me of how happy with where I am today.  I’m so privileged to have a beautiful house and large closet to get to keep onto those items and look at every morning.

So, we’ll see if I discard them. I figure I’m ahead of the curve since my husband and I are able to comfortably share our master closet and not have it overflowing. I think it’s ok to keep the things that make us smile, make us appreciative of where we are, and remind us of where we’ve been.


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