Day 89: Comfort Clothes and What They Mean

SBB – I hear you here. Eddie Bauer used to make built-in shelf bra tank tops. I remember growing up, my mom had a huge stash of white and black ones. I’d occasionally borrow them. They are the best tank top. I was at an Eddie Bauer outlet about 10 years ago and they had a whole slew of them available. I bought 5 of them. Mostly to go under two sweaters that I bought. I believe these were Christmas presents for myself. But these are the best tank tops. A nice, thick, cool cotton. The shelf bra is large so I can comfortably wear it without a bra and not feel like my breasts are going to pop out or put on a show.

I’m so glad I bought that many tank tops, and I’m sad I didn’t buy more. I think that was the final batch of these tank tops that Eddie Bauer made. Because after that, they stoped making them. Eddie Bauer – if you somehow see this. Please bring back the built-in shelf bra tank top – or feel free to send me any that you have left!

I’ve been on a quest for them ever since I discovered they are no longer offered. I look online at least every 6 months to see if they have been brought back…but they haven’t.  BUT! I did discover that my mom had a stash and still had two brand new tank tops! A black one and a white one. She was amazing and gave them to me. I wear the black one with my work outfits that need a tank top, but I am still saving the white one. My others are starting to fall apart, so I don’t want to waste this final unworn tank top.

Seriously, Eddie Bauer. Please bring it back.


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