Day 91: Never Fall for Fashion, Always Be in Style

Well, it has been a long week.  A long, busy, dreary week. I slept in most mornings and I didn’t take the time to carve out writing time. That’s how it goes some weeks. But I’m here now, ready to talk about style.

SBB had a few really good zingers regarding fashion vs. style.

 – Fashion is a cult; style is a philosophy.

 – Fashion mocks individuality; style celebrates it.

 I love it. My mom and my husband are two people that exude style and have probably exuded it their entire lives. They both know who they are, what they like, and will 100% be true to themselves. One of my favorite stories that my husband tells is how when he was in college there was a “metal” scenester bar that he would occasionally go to. My husband is a huge music fan and a huge metal fan. However, it really irked the people that were regulars that he could know so much and be so into it but not dress the part. I think at this point in his life he looked more preppy than he did now – but he wore what he liked and what was comfortable.

My mom is the same way. She knows what she likes and she buys that. In a lot of ways, I’ve taken a lot of style cues from my mom – similar themes – and very similar fashion when I wear the clothing that does not fit her anymore. But I somehow make it my own. It’s fun piecing together different outfits now, when I’m a little bit older and when I have the opportunity to truly appreciate piecing together work-friendly clothing. I love a good broach. I throw on blazers to dress up my pants. And I love an interesting pair of shoes. And I love dresses. So much. Classic dresses. Cardigans.

My closet is pretty true to that. I am more business casual than anything else but I love what I have and most things that I have match my style. I may still be finding my way sometimes, but I think I’ve found her. And she looks good most days.


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