Day 92: Playing Dress-Up: Empowering Your Authentic Self with Fun

SBB, I had hoped that entering a new month would allow us to move on from style. Nope. I guess the April Fools Joke is on me.

Despite my angst of focusing on style. I do like the way you were able to tie this into April Fools and segue into experimenting with our pared down wardrobes.

I think that I actually embodied your pared down wardrobe sentiment yesterday. I pulled together quite the different pairing – clothing that I would not normally put together, and it looked good! I had on khaki pants with a pinstripe, a black blazer with tiny khaki and lime green pinstripes, and a flowery top – I’m not sure how to describe the fabric. And I topped it all off with my grandmother’s vintage yellow metal flower pin. The pants never really worked for me before, but they work now, and I love the top and wear it quite a bit, and the blazer and pin brought everything together.

All in all, I was able to get creative, pair things differently and look very professional on a Friday. I felt like I was dressing down by wearing pants, but I was able to elevate the outfit and look very pulled together. It was actually fun to put these new things together. It really helps having everyone in my closet at my eye level and easy to access.  I’m absolutely loving how my husband and I are able to utilize the space, spread our things out, and be able to easily get to them.

Today is the weekend, so it is running clothes for this morning, and who knows for this afternoon. I hope I can channel some whimsy and think of a fun excursion with my husband. Because we need a little fun in our day. Plus it is sunny. And sunny days during the dreary spring cannot be wasted. My coworker pointed out yesterday that this is our second day with sun in over a week. I surely will not waste soaking in the vitamin d by slouching inside.


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