Day 94: Secrety Lives: Gleaning Tips from Our Imaginary Selves

Ugh. More brainstorming.

I’m chalking my eye rolling for this one up to the fact that I spent two years digging into finding my authentic self and really evolving. I got into running, discovered my inner athlete, came to terms with wearing running shoes when I walk around.

If I had done this post as planned a couple of years ago, I probably wouldn’t have imagined myself or envisioned myself as I am today. It’s crazy to think of. I’m hoping that if I had continued with this project that I would have also been walking now and contemplating running. But who knows…maybe not?

Regardless, I’m glad things unfolded how they did. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to organically live some some of the transformation that you are describing…and I’m glad that I’ve witnessed my style and preferences change. That’s exciting. It’s also nice to have this space to reflect on these changes and to see first hand how I’ve grown and changed. 

The way that I’ve healed myself and grown into this truly best version of myself is pretty darn amazing. I’ve grown up in a lot of ways…but also re-discovered the version of myself – who I was when I was a little girl. That version of myself that I was destined to be.


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