Day 95: An Elegant Art: Learning that Less is More

Yep. Less is more. Confidence and true style come from within.

I think this is a tough nugget for a lot of women. I wonder, too, if this comes from moving to a space where you harness your self confidence because you 100% accept who you are and where you are at that you don’t give a damn what other people think. They can take you or leave you and that is ok.

When you see those kind of people – with that self awareness and knowledge that it is ok for people to not like you or get you and it is ultimately best to be yourself – it’s almost like they are operating on a different plane or level.

I think some of that – the not giving a damn what others think and 100% honoring your authentic self – ties into this confidence and true style that comes from within. Those people and their aura are captivating. You find yourself drawn in because of the attitude, because of the confidence. 

Regardless, it is something that we can all aspire to and actively move towards. This is one of the fake it until you make it type things. The key, at least for the beginning, is to wear clothing and accessories that allow us to be truly comfortable. You can’t look confident or put togtether if you are in clothing that doesn’t quite fit, isn’t quite the right style, and doesn’t truly reflect us. We’ve all been there when we’ve tried to put together the perfect outfit. And it looks good, but isn’t quite right, and thus we are not at ease but distracted by not feeling 100%. So maybe the first step is to find that comfort or that right outfit and taking it from there. Finding the confidence in looking good and feeling comfortable and allowing it to snowball from there.


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