Day 96: Whom Do You Admire?

Ok, SBB, I get where you are going with this one. Still style.

In a nutshell, as we get to know ourselves better – discover and honor our authentic selves – we are likely going to change. Once we take the time to discover what we truly want, what we truly like, what we truly prefer, and even what our true style is, there are going to need to be changes. When your default is autopilot and you are in the blur that goes along with being on autopilot, you probably aren’t making choices that are honoring your best self…or your most authentic self.

I’m wondering if I’m slightly bored or over this style section because I’ve essentially spent the last two years working through a lot of the issues brought up by SBB’s first two months of the book. I know that my style has changed during that time because of incorporating more fitness attire and wearing running clothes in public. I don’t necessarily know if my true authentic inner self prefers workout clothes over anything else, but these clothes are comfortable, colorful, and generally very fun. They definitely have brought some joy to my life. More than anything, I have unlocked another part of myself – the athlete – the one who can run a mile in a 8 minutes and 47 seconds! The one who is pretty bad ass because she can push her body. I like honoring that self – but the pride that comes from her is from what she can do – how she performs and how that makes me feel. The pride definitely doesn’t come from wearing leggings and workout clothes. That is fun. But at the core, the essence of this part of my self is the drive to go harder, faster, and longer. To do things that I didn’t think were possible..and to keep showing up. Every day.


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