Day 97: Classic Chic 101: The Color Story

I’m a little tired this morning. Yesterday was a busy day. 2 workouts done – swimming and strength (yay!), writing 3 posts, traveling to Milwaukee for work, and going to trivia. Woah.

But color and finding your style through color. SBB, you are a true renaissance woman. You have this very interesting past and knowledge base.

I have to say, everything that you said about color is everything that my mom taught me. My mom looooves the basic colors. Black and white the most. Her motto was, if you find something you like and something that fits you well, buy it in multiple colors. And make sure to buy multiple versions of it in black and white. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have multiple versions/options of things that I absolutely love – like my built-in shelf bras Eddie Bauer tank tops. 

It’s a true art – buying in bulk like that for items that you are just getting to know at a store. But it is a gamble that often pays off because you listen to your authentic self – who knows when you love something…and when it looks good.


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