Day 100: Affordable Luxury

On day 100 of this journey, SBB, I’m so happy that you brought everything full circle and reconnected to the heart of simple abundance. 

Luxury items don’t necessarily have a steep price tag, or any price tag, but they are rooted in the fact that we have to prioritize investing in ourselves. And making ourselves a priority. When you run yourself ragged and are only focused on surviving, it becomes incredibly hard to take a moment to pause and give yourself the time and space to luxuriate. I think it is the ultimate sign of privilege that one gets to take these selfish moments to invest in ourself – that time to recharge and renew – so we can tackle the rest of the day or the next week with a renewed mind and spirit. I 100% recognize that there are many women who are just focused on surviving – on getting through the day and the next day and moving one foot in front of the next – and that this affordable luxury isn’t something that is possible or fathomable. I just want to acknowledge this privilege and how fortunate I feel to have transformed my life into one where I have given myself the permission to be selfish – to make enough money to satisfy my material needs and to be able to pay for these purely selfish needs tied to running, and knitting, and sewing. Because i know that many women are not in the same spot.

My husband and I are planning on having kids. Having a house – this space – has been one of the key things that we wanted to have taken care of before we started that journey. The other was allowing me the time and space to run and complete a full marathon! I started this journey last year and was derailed by an injury. So we adjusted and pushed back timelines for a year. And I’m back on track training and feeling stronger than before. I have a few races before my marathon in November, one of which is a huge item on my list – running/walking around Geneva Lake. And in less than 2 months, I will be able to cross off that ~21 mile journey. I am thrilled that the Muck Suck race is happening and that I will be able to take this 5 hour journey.

Yesterday. I did my first official trail training run on Geneva Lake – Fontana to Lake Geneva. And it was on the most beautiful day that we have had this year. Amazing, soul filling, and tough! I didn’t quite get in the amount of mileage that I wanted to. My toes were cranky and feeling sore. I think that was tied to my shoes being tied too tight. But man, I feel so lucky that I was able to have the opportunity to run that way on such a beautiful day. Geneva lake and the lake trail is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Being connected to nature, hearing the soothing sounds of the lake…and being on parts of a trail that were such a big part of growing up. Priceless. Now, if you count what I spent on new gear for this journey, I spent ~$300. But accessing the trail, being there, that was free. And my day, month, and weekend are better for the experience and taking advantage of this luxury.


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