Day 101: Trompe l’oeil: Thrift-Shop Pleasures

I haven’t gotten as into thrifting for clothing as I have gotten into thrifting for housewares. I think housewares are my gateway to apparel. 

My husband went to college in La Crosse and in the past year we have made a couple of different excursions to La Crosse to get away and relax. Like most of our travels, our must-dos in La Crosse revolve around good pizza, driving around in our car to visit the high points, ice cream, and going into an antique shop or two. La Crosse not only achieves those but adds the bonus category of amazing sandwich.

Now that we have a kick ass new house, it will take a lot to get us to spend the night away from our house. 1. Money. 2. Our bed is better than most beds and we really enjoy it. When we lived in our apartment, it was essential to get away from time to time just to spend time in a space that wasn’t cramped and cluttered. And to get to sleep in a bed that wasn’t on the ground. Now that we are in our new home, we have plenty of space to spread out and a wonderful bedroom set. 

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day and because my foot has been hurting, we decided to go out and take a drive so we could enjoy the nice weather. Destination…La Crosse. Why? Because I wanted a Lindy’s sub for lunch.

We ended up having a great sub and Lindy’s, going to the top of the bluff, going to Steve’s favorite park down by the river, and going to this fantastic antique store in downtown La Crosse. Three floors of vintage treasures.

I was delighting in the amazing array of juice pitchers and juice glasses – particularly the frosted ones. They made my heart soar! But we didn’t get any…this time. But I did come home with a bucket list item that I wasn’t aware that was on my bucket list – the 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Box. Oh man – this gold plastic box with hundreds of amazing recipes, including pictures. And…get ready for this. There was an entire section on fondue! Best $18 that I’ve spent in a long time.

I’m looking forward to looking at all of the cards, figuring out which ones I’m missing, and tracking down the text/recipes on them so I can complete my collection. Now I just have to find the perfect place for my new box.


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