Day 102: Finishing Touches: The Art of Fashion Accessories

 In the trove of daily dialogues on fashion, I know that I touched on my favorite accessories at least once. 

My dad’s mom passed her jewelery on to me. Nothing is very valuable – just sentimental – and some of the pieces are pretty tacky, but there are a number of true gems.

1. Art Deco mesh yellow flower. My absolute favorite pin to dress up a blazer. It adds an unexpected punch of color and the design is truly unique and beautiful.

2. The Art Deco silver rose clasp bracelet. Another beautiful piece – one that i mostly keep safe in my jewelery box because the spring/clasp doesn’t work well. I should probably take it to my favorite peeps at Middleton Jewelers to see if they may be able to fix it or restore it.

3. The simple yellow 5 strands of plastic necklaces. Gaudy…but delightful.

As I’m trying to think of my favorite accessories, it reminds me that I need to step up my accessory game. I need to probably switch out my purses more…and make sure that they are cleaned. I also need to find and acquire more accessories. I don’t necessarily like the mid-range department store pieces. They just aren’t me. I love my necklace from Middleton Jewelers…but I don’t have the money to spend there. But I also love my cheap costume vintage pieces – that’s where I need to focus my efforts and expand my collection.

I like the touches of the old with the new…of vintage with classic. These unexpected flourishes can certainly elevate my normal business casual and make the ordinary extraordinary.


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