Day 104: The Only Weight-Loss Aid You’ll Ever Need

SBB – this week of posts is one of the best weeks so far. You are speaking to what I’ve learned the last two years…and identified the very things that are helping me live my best life…find the best version of myself.

Food. It’s pretty simple. Don’t eat crap. Sometimes that is way easier said than done. Especially for this gal…who between writing the first paragraph and this one went on an ill fated bike ride that ended with a car ride to Dairy Queen. I did limit myself to a small treat, a small twist cone dipped in butterscotch.

But here’s what I strive for. Fruit for breakfast, possibly a fruit parfait. A smoothie for lunch. My homemade smoothie with Raw Fit. Dinner will feature some sort of protein, and possibly a side, but the star is a large salad. My at-home salad bar.

If I’m out and about, snacks include apples and bananas. Possibly an energy ball. But my goal is fruit and veggies. And water. Lots of water.

It’s thorugh this diligence and refocusing my cravings and likes that I’ve been able to shift my tastebuds from processed sweets to fruit. Now, do I indulge in ice cream? Yep. But if a majority of what I eat is good for me, then I can’t see the harm in indulging. I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle – one that will adapt to my situation – not a right time bounded diet that allows no enjoyment and indulgences.

SBB – I love the following two sentiments from your post. They are so perfect, so true, and are something to strive for. It’s about self-worth, beauty, and seeing ourselves for who we are. It’s always surprising to look at myself in the mirror sometimes and be startled by the beautiful woman who looks back.

“Every woman has a weight that’s deal for her as opposed to an ideal weight. This is the weight in which you feel the most comfortable, have the most energy, can stay well and feel good about how you look.” 

“Above all, trust the guidance of your authentic self. Self-love is the only weight-loss aid you’ll ever truly need, because it’s the only one that works.”


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