Day 105: When You Hunger and Thirst

So I’m part of a group…a movement called Fellow Flowers. And I’m part of Fellow Flowers Crew. Basically it is a group of women across the country who fully support Fellow Flowers and what it stands for and through our online forum support each other in our quests to run and tri and all of the life things that go along with that. Now, this is a gross oversimplification of the group, but I think you can get the gist.

The last month the group has been focusing on health and wellness and basically moving our asses! One of the leaders of this month long journey is Theresa. And she has a holistic health and integrative nutrition framework that she is trying to bring us…basically everything in this post. And SBB – here is the one quote that you’re missing. And what ties Day 103 to Day 105. It’s about the food. But it has nothing to do with the food.

We can have a good diet, we can run, we can live the way we are supposed to and check the boxes. But if something deep inside of us is undernourished, not being acknowledged and tended, then we can eat all the kale and drink all of the water that we want….and we still will be kept from full achievement of our goals.

It’s about the whole package – our mindset, our soul, living authentically, tending our body, exercising, eating well. It’s all of those things that contribute to honoring our authentic self and living our best life. (Living our best life always makes me giggle, because it makes me think of Oprah.)

SBB – these next couple of minds summed up so well and added to what Theresa was trying to teach us. I think I might not have paid attention during the month long challenge as much as I should have, because I couldn’t quite grasp what Theresa was trying to get across. You have provided the missing link.

“I wasn’t underfed but spiritually undernourished. I realized I could go within and ask my soul – my authentic self – what I needed.  Key questions – How can I care for you at this moment? How can I love you? What is it you truly need? The next time you reach to put something in your mouth, take one minute to focus your awareness on what you’re doing before you do it.”

Oh my gosh. This is it. This is one of those tangible connections to connecting eating and the motivations behind these autopilot, mindless activities and understanding our true intent with them. It is all clear. 

“Learn to create ceremonies of personal pleasure that can nourish your deeper longings. As you nurture your spirit with kindness, your physical cravings will loosen their grip.”

It’s about the food…but it is not about the food.


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