Day 106: Discovering the Momentum of Creative Movement

SBB – it’s posts like this were I feel slightly ahead of the curve. To be honest, had I read this post when intended, I would have been a month and a half prior to my start to running….and my response would have been much different.

I know that I have touched on the profound way that exercise and running have changed my life. It cannot be overstated that regular exercise – running, core (omg. I just typed that), strength training (not nearly as much as I’d like), yoga (my goal is to do this every day), swimming, and biking – has literally changed my life. This regular movement – this dedication to myself – has helped me prosper and change in so many positive ways. Yes, there are ways that my friends and family can see – my mood, the way way look, and the way I approach activities – but the most important ways are the ones that only matter to me.

I have greatly struggled in the past with anxiety and depression and spiraled into a mess. One that I’m not proud of. But one that I had to experience and go through because it led me where I am today. Not only impacting where I am at in my life and the fact that I met my husband…but also the fact that I don’t take for granted how good I feel. Being able to function, and sleep, and have energy and enthusiasm. Amazing. Not always easy, but simple pleasures that make life so much better. And I can tell you 100% that this ease of transormation…this finding this plane of existence comes directly from regular exercise, running, yoga, and being relative healthy. It was exercise that helped me kick other destructive habits or bad habits…and helped me see the beauty that comes from going to sleep at 9:00 p.m. and getting up early with a clear mind and light spirit. It is finding the joy in a cup of coffee, the bright sunlight, and a wide open day.

It is getting outside to be physical…to walk and run…and get to truly experience the day. Not through the protection of windows but by being out there, being part of it.

Now that I’ve come to truly know this different, healthier state of existence, I will do whatever it takes to not move back to my old, destructive habits. I want to feel good, be productive, mentally sound, and happy….and the source of all of this is through exercise.


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