Day 107: Walking as Meditation

I’m so glad we got here, SBB.  I know that I have mentioned the theme of today’s post a number of times recently. Mostly how I was trying to connect my act of being outside, exercising, meditating, to my spiritual outlet. My place to recharge and renew.

I’m glad you are recognizing this outlet for serenity, for energy, for peace, for meditation. Being active outdoors – getting out and exercising – is one of the most pure outlets for physical activity and for truly celebrating the beauty of nature. 

I am so appreciative that I have a gym membership and that I have access to a swimming pool and workout equipment for the few times that I need to run inside because of time or extreme weather. But I’m a purist. I would much rather dress for the elements and head outside. If it’s really really cold, I’ll bundle up. If it is rainy, I’ll grab my raincoat. Regardless of the variability of the weather, I’d rather be out in the weather – the good, the bad, the ugly – and getting to be close to nature than the alternative  of being inside.

I like looking at houses, watching the clouds, seeing a beautiful sunset, observing the blooming of flowers and trees – taking it all in. The scenery is never dull, and having natural changes in scenery makes the time and miles go by pretty darn quickly. Even better is when I run for long enough that my mind turns off and I’m able to get to this meditative state. It’s rare that I come back mentally depleted. On the long runs, I come back physically tired…and sore…but that is offset in some way because I was outside and I enjoyed my 2+ hours in nature. And nothing can beat that.


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