Day 109: The Face in the Looking Glass

Oh SBB, you’ve finally gotten to makeup. Maybe you’ve gotten here before…I can’t remember.

I know that I’ve certainly discussed makeup before. For most women, it’s a most. I’m not most women. My face is usually pretty flush, so blush is irrevelant. Sure, eyeliner and mascara may make my eyes pop a bit more, but they do a pretty darn good job popping as it is. And lip stuff. It seems so contrived to me. Probably because I don’t use it. So if I do use it, the effect is the opposite of putting on my armor, the finishing touch. To me, it is being fake, putting on something that isn’t me and isn’t my norm. And I’m all about the norm.

I don’t know. Maybe my views will change as I get older. They are certainly reinforced right now because of my husband and his overall disdain for makeup. He wouldn’t judge or be cranky if I put it on, but he prefers my natural beauty, my unadorned face without it. And you know what. I can’t blame him for that. That is one of the many things that I love about him. The way he loves me through and through. And if he supports me and loves me more without the mascara and sees the beauty in that, then how can’t I see that beauty myself and rock my natural, true self?


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