Day 110: Spring Rituals of Replenishment

Ah springtime. All of the hope of the nice weather to come, hope of sunny days, time spent outside in meaningful ways. Pollen, trees, bees, things that make my eyes itch and nose to get stuffy. Oops. I think that final sentiment was counter to what SBB was trying to get across. Just trying to keep it real.

But rejuvenation, hope, newness, life, rebirth of the environment. It is all downhill from here. These are the hope-filled days that keep us moving through winter, that get us out of hibernation and transition from “homebodies” to explorers and adventurers.

I’ve been much more keen to fully explore each of the seasons outside due to my preference to run outdoors. In Wisconsin, that can be the feats of strength and endurance during the dead of winter and the extreme heat and humidity of summer. But I prefer to experience the seasons and weather fully and to bask in the uniqueness that each day brings.

But the spring and fall – the times that the weather are ushering in new, dramatic phases – are the sweet spot. When the weather is so perfect that you can’t help but want to maximize every moment and be outside as much as possible. Selfishly, these are the days that the running weather is nearly perfect and the joy from being outside on a beautiful day nearly eclipses the natural runners high.

So cheers to the natural progression of time and season. And cheers to moving your ass and getting outside.


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