Day 111: Taking the Cure: Bathing Pleasures

Baths. I’m just not quite a fan. I used to be as an adolescent. But not so much anymore. My parents house has a fabulous old bathtub – a long, deep one that allows for an amazing bath. Once I left home, none of the places that I lived quite had a bathtub that felt clean enough to want to jump in for a good soak.

So over time I just forgot about the awesomeness of a bath.

My husband and I have a bathtub in our guest bathroom. Our master bath has a fabulous large custom shower. It makes my heart soar. Lots of space, A nice amount of light, and a nice bench. But we also have the tub in the guest bathroom that has not yet been used.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to reclaim this space and make it my bath time sanctuary. I’m hesitant to commit – because maybe it isn’t deep enough, long enough. The right space for an enjoyable bath. But I think I owe it to myself and the tub to find out. I’ll have to acquire some bath supplies, some aromatherapy and jump on in. I 100% support the calming, rejuvenating aspects of the bath. I think I’ll have to bring my own mineral water to sip. To rejuvenate the interior and exterior.

So a new quest starts…reclaiming the bath and reopening my senses to the healing, calming elements of water and the bath.


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