Day 112: Aromatherapy: The Restorative Comfort of Fragrance

My husband is one of the small numbers of people that is repulsed by the scent of lavender. I am not. I am a lavender lover. Where I smell calm, hope, wondrousness – he is overwhelmed and disgusted. When we went to Washington Island and stopped by the lavender farm, I was in heaven. He was in hell. 

So I naturally put away my favorite aroma, and haven’t had the time or energy to incorporate or discover new scents that I like and ones that are suitable to have in my home.

I need to bring more aromatherapy into my life. Any suggestions or where to start?

This goes hand-in-hand with my new quest to incorporate the bathtub to my routine and I think this will bring in something that I’m missing. 

I want to enhance my senses, relieve stress, and provide an outlet to stretch and soothe this sense. I would love any suggestion or direction in where to begin.


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