Day 114: The Scent of a Woman

I’m not sure what my scent is, but I know what my husband’s is. Cleanliness with a touch of Axe Anarchy body wash and his deodorant. OMG that clean smell is amazing. So wholly him.

It would be interesting to ask him to describe my scent. We’ll see if I do it.

But aromas – the ones that please me most, bring back the best memories. Hazelnut = my grandparents and the aroma of their coffee. It was a delight finding out that this is my husband’s favorite flavor. He is the one person that could get me to see the joy in that scent again. Lemon Pinesol = the smell of my parent’s house. Lilac = the scent of spring. One of my favorites. Clean clothing (detergent and fabric softener) = the cozy, taken care of scent of having all of your clothes clean! Garlic = the best cooking smell ever. The knowledge that what you are about to eat is going to be amazing. And baking cookies = how can that be wrong?

I love this theme of scent. And I can’t wait to dive into it a bit more.


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